TwitterSpace #3: Brandon Millman of Phantom

My first Twitter Space interview happened in 2021 with Brandon Millman from Phantom, discussing his popular and highly-rated wallet on the Solana blockchain.

Securing his appearance on the show underscored the impact of effectively cold emailing people I admire and greatly respect, who may be open to interviews when approached with a sizable audience and thoughtful questions.

Brandon shares his background, starting from his early days at Twitter, his gradual interest in the blockchain during his tenure there, and his transition from big tech to the crypto industry.

Brandon explains his move to the crypto space was motivated by the fresh perspective it offered compared to the routine and bureaucratic environment in large tech companies. He talks about his time at 0x, the evolution of decentralized exchanges, and how his experiences there shaped his understanding of blockchain applications.

He details the development of Phantom, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and strategic decision to support Solana—a decision influenced by its potential for growth and technical similarities with Ethereum. Brandon discusses the broader shift towards a multi-chain world in blockchain technology and reflects on the role of prominent figures like Sam Bankman-Fried in promoting Solana.

The conversation also covers the success of the Phantom wallet, attributed to its timing, the demand for a user-friendly wallet on Solana, and the organic growth driven by community feedback. Lastly, Brandon touches on venture capital interest in blockchain projects, highlighting the increasing understanding and involvement of traditional VC firms in the crypto space.